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Words from My Clients

Meet Mr.Anthony he is the sweetest man ever!

Excellent program...HANDS DOWN!! BHL does an enormous amount of work for the community. Unlike some they care snd show it with compassion. They understand that homelessness is one of the biggest challenges in USA. They do the footwork, by feeding and clothing those who are in these vulnerable situations. There's so Much more too come from this organization and I'm EXCITED🙂

Sonya Williams

Sarah Clark

I loved connecting with and learning about this nonprofit organization because it genuinely is inspired by love. The focus on assisting seniors spoke to my own heart and memories of my own Nana and Grandmother, and how often I feel that seniors just are not appreciated enough or cared for enough. Here in Ontario during the COVID19 Pandemic Seniors in Long Term Care homes were the hardest affected, with the high infection rates and death tolls. I hope it has opened people's eyes that seniors need us more than ever in their later years. They gave so much to us. It is our turn to return the favors.


B Helpful Love is a 501 c 3 Nonprofit Organization started July 2019 by Natasha White in honor of her late grandmother Bernstein " Ms. Bunny" Irby. B Helpful Love is geared towards assisting the Senior and Homeless community in Mecklenburg and surrounding communities.

Our organization is dedicated to feeding and clothing the homeless, assisting seniors with daily needs, such as providing transportation to and from appointments, and a literary program.

The organization is in need of financial assistance, in the purchase of a van to provide transportation, also for food, toiletries, and tablets for the literacy program and volunteers.

Due to the Covid 19 epidemic, , we are in great need of volunteers and financial assistant.


From their website:

Helping Seniors Live Their Golden Years With Ease

B Helpful Love is a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization that assists the senior community with everyday living in Mecklenburg County and surrounding counties. In July 2019, Natasha White, established the organization to honor her late grandmother Bernestine “Ms.Bunny” Irby. She was a woman admired and loved by her community. Natasha saw how she endured the struggles of getting assistance with simple things such as setting doctor's appointments, financial hardships, understanding how and when to complete Medicaid forms, having to go to churches to get food boxes, and more.

Member of the Moment: B* Helpful Love mission of B* Helpful Love is to provide the senior citizen and homeless communities with the most accessible resources, through literacy and financial education programs, that will help them maintain their quality of life. Their mission is so important because senior citizens and homeless people are the most overlooked in our community.

We asked Natasha White, CEO of B* Helpful Love, an Industrious Charlotte NoDa member, to tell us more about how her organization came to be, how Industrious has informed their work, and what their plans are for the future.

What inspired you to found B* Helpful Love? What kinds of problems are you trying to solve?

My inspiration came from my grandmother Bernestine, Ms. Bunny Irby. She has always given back to those in need and she did it with grace and dignity and never complained about it. I love her love for others, and that’s what she instilled in me. We are trying to solve the problems of loneliness within the senior community and let them know there are people out there who care about them – they are not a burden, they are loved. Within the homeless community, we would like to show them love as well and help them get back to being independent. B* Helpful Love provides love bags for our senior citizens and blessing bags to give to our homeless community.

What do you love about what you do?

I absolutely love helping others, especially senior citizens, because they are so knowledgeable, friendly, and kind. They are the reason we exist. I enjoy helping the homeless because I have been homeless before with my children, so I understand how hard it can be. I truly believe you get blessed by blessing others especially when it is genuine and coming from the heart.

How does your Industrious workplace inform your work?

Having an office at Industrious has been great for our organization because it’s nice, clean, and quiet. Yana, our Community Manager, is awesome and helpful. I love the area and the amenities that are provided to us, along with the weekly newsletters we receive from Industrious about upcoming events.

At Industrious, we’re all about great days at work; so what makes for a great day in your book?

A great day at work is talking to different seniors about their days and contacting different organizations to establish partnerships. We also provide a food bank in the office and prepare bags to deliver to the homeless community.

What’s next for B* Helpful Love? Do you have any upcoming initiatives or projects you’d like to share?

B* Helpful Love is looking to expand our efforts to other states. We host a fundraising event every month so that we can continue helping those in our community. Each month, we also feed the homeless community. In May, we’ll be hosting a gala, and in July we’ll be celebrating our anniversary month and volunteer appreciation. We are also planning a kickball tournament to raise funding.

Is there anything else you would like us to know about B* Helpful Love?

If you love giving back to others, B* Helpful Love is always seeking new volunteers. We are also looking to add two new board members to our organization.

Client Testimony

Here's our client Mr. Anthony whom we assist. we were at Mr. Anthony's house providing him with some food from our food bank. He's such a sweetheart.

Client Testimony

This is a testimony from one of our clients that we have assisted here at B* Helpful Love Inc. 

Feedback Form

If you or a senior citizen you know in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina has been assisted by B Helpful Love, we highly encourage you to send us your feedback by filling out the form on this page. Your honesty is greatly appreciated. For more details, get in touch with our nonprofit organization today!




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