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B* Helpful Love Inc                        501 C 3 Non-Profit Organization

B*Helpful Love Cares

B* Helpful Love gives back to the community involving our senior citizens and less fortunate residents with blessing bags and love bags.

B* Helpful Love Foodbank is designed to provide non-perishable food items to those in need no matter who they are. 

Meet Mr.Anthony He is the sweetest man ever!

We Aspire To Inspire​ others

Helping Seniors Live Their Golden Years With Ease

B* Helpful Love Inc is a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization that assists the senior community with everyday living in Mecklenburg County and surrounding counties. We also feed our homeless community. In July 2019,  Natasha White, established the organization to honor her late grandmother Bernestine “Ms.Bunny” Irby. She was a woman admired and loved by her community. Natasha has seen how she endured the struggles of getting assistance with simple things such as setting doctor's appointments, financial hardships, etc.

I founded the organization to let the senior community know that we are here to help them. As my late grandma Bunny use to always tell me "be helpful to others" just like her. One day, her spirit reached out to me when I was about to give up on naming the organization. Her voice came to me and said, “B Helpful Love.”

Ms. Bernestine Irby

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the senior citizen and homeless community with the most accessible resources through literacy and financial education programs that will help them maintain their quality of life

Vision Statement

We aspire to inspire others to volunteer and be helpful to the community

How Can You B* Helpful Love?

What We Do

Our Recent Work

B* Helpful Love Fish Fry Fundraiser

B* Helpful Love put together a fish fry fundraiser to secure funds to further our mission to help our senior citizen community and assist our homeless community

Tent city Coat & Blanket Drive

B* Helpful Love volunteers were out at what was known as Tent City in Uptown charlotte. We provided coats, blankets, pillows, and served them hot cocoa, apple cider with donuts.